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51 5 May 1803 John Jones, X, parish of Lanishen Ann Wasley, of this town Wit:- John Wigginton; John Stockham Family F1985
52 Hanbury, John of Usk Gent (I2557)
53 Miller, Martin (I2282)
54 Belwood, NN (I1734)
55 @ 18 yrs Jones, Sarah (I5407)
56 @ 68 yrs George, James (I1349)
57 @ 85 yrs Jones, Richard Carpenter and Joiner (I1158)
58 a c 1350

de Parre, Sir John (I2966)
59 A family note indicates that he "died a hero at Antietam". This is obviously wrong, as he was in the 1870 census for Washington, MI. His stepmother's brother, Warren, DID die at Antietam. Oscar may have gone to California, perhaps following his brother Charles.

There is a story that an Ames child committed suicide about 1870 in Applegate, MI. I am not at all sure, but it may be Oscar.
Ames, Andrew Oscar (I2824)
60 A famous immigrant, noted for religious toleration (of the Quakers), his surviving letters and leadership in King Phillips War.

Sailed to America in 1632 on the ship "Charles". Was Captain of the Militia, Representative of the General Court, Asst. to the Governor, advocate ofreligion tolerance, and in 1675 became
Commander in Chief of the Pilgrim forces during King Phillip's War. In 1681 he travelled back to
England as the colonys' Commissioner to the English government where he died in May of 1682. There are papers in possession of the NEHGS, a copy ofthe "Pedigrees of the Mali Catuli or Saxon family of Machell, Lords of Crakenthorpe in Westmorland, with the collateral branches of the Machells ofLincoln, Bucks,Essex, Surrey and London. From these papers it is learned that the maternal grandfather of Gen James Cudworth was Matthew Machell, adescendant in the 18th generation from Ulf le Machell de Catulino, one of whose sons was Half le Machel timeof Henry 1, about 1100-1135 who by wifeEva, was the ancestor of the daughter of Edward Lewkenor. They had 7 children, among whom was Mary, nurse of Prince Henry, son of James 1. Marymarried first Rev Ralph Cudworth Snr. She married second Rev John Stoughton. Most of what is written here is from the Records of the Cudworth Familyby W. JohnCalderand edited by Arthur G. Cudworth, Jr., in 1974.

He came to New England on the Charles in 1632 and landed in Salem. He joined the church on 18 Jan 1635. His first child, James, was born 3 May1635, so he was probably married sometime between 1632 and 1634. This man was very prominent in his day. He was assistant to the Government ofPlymouth Colony 1656 to 1658. Commissioner to England for the Colonies in 1657, Commander-in-chief of all the forces in the United Coloniesengagement in King Philip's War. He had a religious tolerance of the time that provoked others in the community. He felt that the Quakers had aright to their beliefs even though most in the area felt they were not welcome. At one point, because of these beliefs, he was stripped of hiselected office and other rights. However, later he was selected to head the united Colonies in King Phillip's War and was chosen to represent theColony as a Representative to get a new Charter in England. He actually went to England in early 1682, but contracted small pox almost immediately,and died in London. The sailing took place soon after March 21, 1682, and his will was probated July 7, 1682.
Compiled by: Roxanne Munns

From David Greene, . "Robert Charles Anderson, The Great Migration, 1634- 1635, vol. 2, pp. 249-58, contains the bestgenealogical account of James Cudworth._Anderson states that Cudworth's wife was Mary Parker, whom he m. at Northam, co. Devon, on 1 Feb. 1633/4 (p.254); on p. 255, Anderson provides a full explanation of why he concludes that this marriage is that of the immigrant."


Source for most Cudworth history for Scituate is Deane's History of Scituate, 1831. 
Cudworth, James of Scituate (I5760)
61 A genealogical and heraldic histoy of the commoners of Great Britain and ...
By John Burke -- this source suggests Robert de Weles as father rather than Adam 
De Welles, Cecily (I5082)
62 A John Nason was born in Wellesbourne, War 14 June 1578 (father Michael)

Nason, John (I752)
63 A lock of her hair still exists. Kate and both her parents were born in Hornbach, Germany from 1930 census. Stengel, Catherine Caroline (I5963)
64 A lot of help from:


It appears that her sister Agnes, married Sir Thos. Strickland.

This line is in genealogics, check under Agnes Parr (d bef. 1491) 
Parr, Anne (I1574)
65 A new twist, note the nice rootsweb page of Jahnason, and the John Mortimer of Tedstone Wafre in Herefordshire. Might this be a suitable candidatefor our John Mortimer. Could "Averia" be the sister of Hugh Mortimer? At least this John is from the West country, a descendant of the ChirkMortimers.



The net view must be that John Mortimer, Esq. is not Sir John Mortimer, d. 1424. It has been pointed out that the arms of Mortimer (6 fleurs delis)fitthe East Anglian Mortimers of Attleborough. More work is needed. Many web pedigrees assume that John Mortimer is a royal Mortimer. Igivethepossible grounds for this below, but find it implausible with the evidence available. There is a considerable discussion about Sir JohninearlyNov. 2009, on gen-med.

The following is from Collinson, Hist. of Somerset (III p 67)
This William (Wroth) died in Somerfetfhire 28 Henry VI. and was buried on the north fide of the chancel of die parifh church.of Bridgwater,wherewasa ftone, with an infcription in brafs, fetting forth the time of his death, and that he married a daughter of John Mortimer, efq; whofearrhswere fixfleurS-de-lis. This rnonumerit was in being in 1631, but is now entirely defaced.

The big question here -- who is this John Mortimer, ESQ.! Here we have a local gentleman of some importance, and direct connections totheroyalMortimers (this William was Forester in Somerset appointed by the Mortimer of March). The brass of William Wroth states that he marriedthedau. ofJohn Mortimer Esq., but does not trumpet it, and Collinson distinctly reports him to be John Mortimer Esq -- not Sir John Mortimer. Itisthereforehard to believe that she was dau. of a Royal Mortimer, even one executed.

Subsequent notes:

Its pretty clear from the extreme measures taken by Humphrey of Gloucester (the summary execution of Sir John) that he was a descendant ofLionelofAntwerp (otherwise he would pose no threat). Its quite possible that his is a bastard line, which would explain his obscurity -- why wouldthescionof such a family be largely unnoticed up until his execution?!

Sir John Mortimer is associated with Bishops Hatfield, Herts, quite near London, curiously close (about 10 mi) to Enfield, where Wrothes arefrom.Theoddity is that there is also a Somerset link (Welsh marches for Mortimer, the Forester job for the Wrothes).

Always interesting twists: note

a direct link between the Wroths and the rebellion of Roger, First Earl of March
Mortimer, John Esq (I5946)
66 A recently uncovered deed from New Market involves Jacob and Daniel, naming them father and son. Ames, Daniel (I266)
67 A Rockingham deed of 1814 records the sale of Daniel Ames lands to Winthrop Hilton. Ames is described as deceased. If recently so, this might be an indication of the year of death. The deed is attached, da1814 Ames, Daniel (I266)
68 A secondary source says Cornville. Ames, Joshua (I1395)
69 A testimony by Thomas T, undoubted son of AT (1744) and Leah Mansell shows that Eleanor is not his sister. As such, she must be d. of Reuben and Lucy Mansell, as shown. Tourtillott, Eleanor (I6684)
70 A Will was filed for a John Ames in 1816 in Hancock Co. Unsure if this is relevant. Ames, John (I2580)
71 According to http://thenegoodwinproject.com/Genealogy/Daniel_Goodwin_EngGen.html Chapman Barker, Edmund (I3589)
72 Adopted? Kid born before marriage Harris, Harold N (I1767)
73 aft 1833.Maybe Bradford Moore, Abigail (I2816)
74 After 1833 Ames, Joseph of Sullivan and Bradford (I4724)
75 Age at Death: 47 Ames, Royal B (I4997)
76 Age at Death: 49 Nolte, Frances (I6339)
77 Age at Death: 54 Tourtellot, Abraham III (I3541)
78 Age at Death: 65 Ames, Moses (I3690)
79 Age at Death: 73 Garland, Jemima (I146)
80 Age at Death: 78 Wing, Moses Dr (I4349)
81 Age at Death: 78 Ames, Joseph Moses (I3558)
82 Age at Death: 80 Maxim, Martha (I1180)
83 Age at Death: 80 Stinson, Thomas Rev (I1643)
84 Age at Death: 83 Wing, Samuel (I2244)
85 Age at Death: 85 Ballard, Jerusha (I3587)
86 Age at Death: 87 Ames, Abbie Nason (I1414)
87 Age at Death: 90 Papai, Ernest Henry (I3242)
88 Age at Death: 96 Drabold, Walter (I2830)
89 Age: 0 Ames, Simeon (I2542)
90 Age: 0 Hodgkins, Samuel (I7197)
91 Age: 0 Hatch, Mary (I272)
92 Age: 0 Ames, Samuel (I7090)
93 Age: 0 Ames, Leon Ross (I3223)
94 Age: 0 Tompson, Elizabeth (I961)
95 Age: 0 Ames, Daniel Goodwin (I4799)
96 Age: 0 Stickney, Hannah (I5936)
97 Age: 0 Spooner Tobey, Anna (I255)
98 Age: 0 Manselll, Lillis Temperance (I435)
99 Age: 0 Delano, Mercy (I6924)
100 Age: 0 Hersey, Peter (I7393)

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