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Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey


Latitude: 41.0082376, Longitude: 28.9783589


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Angelina, Anna Komnene  Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey I960
2 Angelina, Irini Maria  1184Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey I4725
3 Angelos, Andronikos Dukas  1122Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey I2847
4 Angelos, Isaac Byzantine Emperor II  1155Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey I5985
5 Angelos, Konstantinos  1085Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey I6006
6 Comemnus, Andronicus  1110Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey I5728
7 Comemnus, Irene  1144Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey I6537
8 Comnenus, Isaac  16 Jan 1093Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey I3701
9 Dalassene, Anna  1025Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey I7436
10 Diplosynadene, Irini  1130Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey I7076
11 Dukaina, Irini  1066Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey I3649
12 Dukas, Andronikos  1036Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey I343
13 Kastamonitissa, Euphrosyne  Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey I5389
14 Komnene, Theodora  15 Jan 1096Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey I4399
15 Komnene, Theodora Kalusine  1146Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey I2237
16 Komnenos, Alexios Byzantine Emperor  1048Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey I2099
17 Komnenos, Isaak  1115Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey I6779
18 Komnenos, John  1018Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey I885
19 Komnenos, Byzantine Emperor, John II  13 Sep 1087Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey I675


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Angelos, Andronikos Dukas  1185Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey I2847
2 Angelos, Isaac Byzantine Emperor II  1204Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey I5985
3 Angelos, Konstantinos  Jul 1166Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey I6006
4 Comemnus, Andronicus  12 Sep 1185Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey I5728
5 Comemnus, Irene  1185Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey I6537
6 Comnenus, Isaac  20 Jul 1152Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey I3701
7 Dalassene, Anna  01 Nov 1102Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey I7436
8 De Brienne, Jean King of Jerusalem Latin Byzantine Emperor  21 Mar 1237Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey I2059
9 Dukaina, Irini  19 Feb 1123Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey I3649
10 Dukas, Andronikos  14 Oct 1077Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey I343
11 Kastamonitissa, Euphrosyne  Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey I5389
12 Kiev, Euphrosyne of  1186Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey I4134
13 Komnene, Theodora  20 Feb 1116Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey I4399
14 Komnenos, Alexios Byzantine Emperor  1118Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey I2099
15 Komnenos, Isaak  1174Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey I6779
16 Komnenos, John  12 Jul 1067Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey I885
17 Mowbray, John 4th Baron  17 Jun 1368Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey I7379