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Lincolnshire, England


Latitude: 53.2178821, Longitude: -0.1999702


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Henry IV King of England, 1399-1413  30 May 1366Lincolnshire, England I2284
2 Avice  1176Lincolnshire, England I7023
3 Beaumont, Elizabeth  1389Lincolnshire, England I2219
4 Beaumont, Henry  1340Lincolnshire, England I78
5 Beaumont, John  1361Lincolnshire, England I7514
6 Belwood, NN  Abt 1390Lincolnshire, England I1734
7 Botreaux, Margaret  1406Lincolnshire, England I5628
8 De Beaumont, John  1318Lincolnshire, England I119
9 de Mowbray, Eleanor  25 Mar 1364Lincolnshire, England I410
10 De Mowbray, Roger  1218Lincolnshire, England I4609
11 De Mowbray, William  1172Lincolnshire, England I365
12 de Welles, Adam 1st Baron  Lincolnshire, England I5550
13 Decundy, Agnes  1160Lincolnshire, England I2987
14 Degaunt, Walter  1080Lincolnshire, England I2086
15 Degaunt, Walter  1092Lincolnshire, England I6160
16 Degrainsby, Emma  1190Lincolnshire, England I1924
17 Deincourt, Oliver II  1196Lincolnshire, England I6881
18 Deincourt, Ralph  1072Lincolnshire, England I4004
19 Delincolnshire, Maud  1165Lincolnshire, England I4791
20 Delongchamps, Sibyl  Lincolnshire, England I6465
21 Demowbray, Nele  1146Lincolnshire, England I3157
22 Gant, Alice de  1120Lincolnshire, England I1064
23 Greystoke, William 2nd Baron  06 Jan 1321Lincolnshire, England I1347
24 Irby, Robert  1463Lincolnshire, England I4662
25 Mowbray, Roger de 1st Baron  1254Lincolnshire, England I2864
26 Robinson, John Rev B.A. Fellow Corpus Christi Cambridge  1575Lincolnshire, England I4289
27 Timblely, Joan  1470Lincolnshire, England I4523
28 Welles, Eleanor  Abt 1428Lincolnshire, England I3431
29 Welles, John 5th Baron  20 Apr 1352Lincolnshire, England I1321
30 Welles, Lionel KG 6th Baron  1406Lincolnshire, England I6615


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Henry IV King of England, 1399-1413  20 Mar 1413Lincolnshire, England I2284
2 Avice  Mar 1224Lincolnshire, England I7023
3 Bardolph, Margaret  28 Feb 1345Lincolnshire, England I2474
4 de Grandison, Agnes  11 Dec 1357Lincolnshire, England I7375
5 de Mowbray, Eleanor  1417Lincolnshire, England I410
6 De Mowbray, William  Nov 1266Lincolnshire, England I365
7 Degaunt, Walter  1139Lincolnshire, England I2086
8 Degaunt, Walter  1139Lincolnshire, England I6160
9 Deincourt, Walter I  1103Lincolnshire, England I4060
10 Demowbray, Nele  1190Lincolnshire, England I3157
11 Greystoke, Maud de  1416Lincolnshire, England I1066
12 Hussey, George  1612Lincolnshire, England I1568
13 Irby, Olive  10 Mar 1615Lincolnshire, England I3329
14 Talbot, Elizabeth  10 Jan 1401Lincolnshire, England I2787
15 Thornton, Elizabeth  Bef 1477Lincolnshire, England I2481
16 Welles, Eudo  1421Lincolnshire, England I6585
17 Welles, John 5th Baron  1421Lincolnshire, England I1321
18 Welles, 4th Baron, John  1361Lincolnshire, England I4528


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Irby / Bountayne  1515Lincolnshire, England F1155