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Biddeford, York, Maine, USA


Latitude: 43.4925843, Longitude: -70.4533844


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Garland, John  1740Biddeford, York, Maine, USA I840
2 Garland, Thomas  1740Biddeford, York, Maine, USA I1078
3 Jellison, Nathaniel  10 Jun 1759Biddeford, York, Maine, USA I2345
4 Moore, Abigail  Bef 10 Oct 1742Biddeford, York, Maine, USA I5926
5 Moore, Ann  1665Biddeford, York, Maine, USA I4049
6 Moore, Benjamin Sr.  Bef 12 Apr 1755Biddeford, York, Maine, USA I6773
7 Moore, Dorothy  Abt 1650Biddeford, York, Maine, USA I1898
8 Moore, Edward Proctor  12 Mar 1758Biddeford, York, Maine, USA I3845
9 Moore, Eleanor  1663Biddeford, York, Maine, USA I1897
10 Moore, Eleanor  25 Dec 1748Biddeford, York, Maine, USA I902
11 Moore, Elizabeth  Bef 21 Apr 1745Biddeford, York, Maine, USA I869
12 Moore, Eunice  1790Biddeford, York, Maine, USA I342
13 Moore, Jerusha  12 Dec 1749Biddeford, York, Maine, USA I5392
14 Moore, Joanna  Bef 13 Nov 1743Biddeford, York, Maine, USA I5393
15 MOORE, Joseph Senior  1751Biddeford, York, Maine, USA I603
16 Moore, Mary  1670Biddeford, York, Maine, USA I6395
17 Moore, Miriam  Bef 27 Jul 1746Biddeford, York, Maine, USA I4704
18 Moore, Samuel Donnell  11 Mar 1740Biddeford, York, Maine, USA I6166
19 Moore, Sarah  1673Biddeford, York, Maine, USA I1896
20 Moore, William  1662Biddeford, York, Maine, USA I7459
21 Moore, Wyatt  Abt 1699Biddeford, York, Maine, USA I2619
22 Moore, Wyatt  1753Biddeford, York, Maine, USA I672
23 Patten, Capt. Robert  14 May 1743Biddeford, York, Maine, USA I2103
24 Patten, Jane (Jean)  13 Sep 1747Biddeford, York, Maine, USA I7382
25 Patten, Matthew Speculative  Abt 1732Biddeford, York, Maine, USA I7111
26 Patten, Sarah  27 Mar 1745Biddeford, York, Maine, USA I2101
27 Patten, William  1720Biddeford, York, Maine, USA I680
28 Smith, Margaret  1743Biddeford, York, Maine, USA I2540
29 Tarbox, John  1716Biddeford, York, Maine, USA I5832
30 Tarbox, Olive  30 Nov 1755Biddeford, York, Maine, USA I2516
31 Webber, Abigail  1724Biddeford, York, Maine, USA I5689
32 Wormwood, Ellen Nellie  Abt 1772Biddeford, York, Maine, USA I5974


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Margaret  Biddeford, York, Maine, USA I3732
2 Garland, Emma Annil  09 Jul 1893Biddeford, York, Maine, USA I6908
3 Garland, Hannah  1731Biddeford, York, Maine, USA I2267
4 Garland, Thomas  1742Biddeford, York, Maine, USA I5269
5 Gilpatrick, Thomas  24 Oct 1762Biddeford, York, Maine, USA I3731
6 Gilpatrick, Thomas  Nov 1794Biddeford, York, Maine, USA I5511
7 Moore, Eleanor  Aug 1769Biddeford, York, Maine, USA I902
8 Moulton, Elizabeth  Biddeford, York, Maine, USA I4745
9 Patten, James  03 Aug 1770Biddeford, York, Maine, USA I6990
10 Patten, Matthew  25 Sep 1773Biddeford, York, Maine, USA I2132
11 Smith, Elizabeth  Aft 1792Biddeford, York, Maine, USA I7275
12 Wormwood, Elizabeth  Abt 1783Biddeford, York, Maine, USA I3058


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Freese / Moore  23 Sep 1763Biddeford, York, Maine, USA F2073
2 Garland / Moore  01 Jun 1767Biddeford, York, Maine, USA F1931
3 Gilpatrick / Smith  Between 01 Mar 1749 and 1750Biddeford, York, Maine, USA F2678
4 Jellison / Patten  08 Jul 1749Biddeford, York, Maine, USA F1633
5 Moore / Donnell  Jul 1725Biddeford, York, Maine, USA F923
6 MOORE / Gilpatrick  09 Apr 1773Biddeford, York, Maine, USA F214
7 Patten / Dunning  30 Oct 1754Biddeford, York, Maine, USA F2612
8 Patten / McFarland  12 Aug 1749Biddeford, York, Maine, USA F239
9 Rae / Patten  09 Nov 1753Biddeford, York, Maine, USA F1794
10 Wormwood / Moore  15 Nov 1765Biddeford, York, Maine, USA F834