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Yorkshire, England


Latitude: 51.5135753, Longitude: -0.1417269


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Richard 3rd Earl of Cambridge  1375Yorkshire, England I6793
2 Beaumont, Katherine  1544Yorkshire, England I2711
3 De Brumpton, Albreda  1244Yorkshire, England I5351
4 De Bulmere, Eve  Yorkshire, England I2171
5 de La Pole, Sir William  1302Yorkshire, England I2119
6 de La Pole, William  1275Yorkshire, England I1055
7 De Ros, Lucy  1297Yorkshire, England I715
8 De Ros, Robert  1170Yorkshire, England I4033
9 De Vaux, Maud  1261Yorkshire, England I2596
10 Debulmer, Sir John  1243Yorkshire, England I921
11 Delenveise, Jordan  1136Yorkshire, England I6593
12 Fairbanks, George  Abt 1520Yorkshire, England I471
13 Gascoigne, Barbara  1517Yorkshire, England I7383
14 Gascoigne, Sir William of Gawthorpe  Abt 1445Yorkshire, England I5283
15 Gascoigne, Sir William of Gawthorpe  1467Yorkshire, England I5714
16 Hilton, William Sir  1488Yorkshire, England I4132
17 Latimer, William 1st Baron  1243Yorkshire, England I5217
18 Percy, Lady Margaret  Abt 1450Yorkshire, England I5287
19 Pigott, Jane  05 Aug 1492Yorkshire, England I2713
20 Pilkington, Margaret  1383Yorkshire, England I6016
21 Plantagenet, Richard 3rd Duke of York  20 Sep 1411Yorkshire, England I4929
22 Plumpton, Alicia  1332Yorkshire, England I1715
23 Plumpton, Jane  1383Yorkshire, England I2462
24 Plumpton, Robert Sir  1271Yorkshire, England I1445
25 Plumpton, Sir William De  1297Yorkshire, England I2395
26 Poynings, Richard  1410Yorkshire, England I6594
27 Redman, Mabel  1350Yorkshire, England I4730
28 Robinson, Alice (disputed)  1570Yorkshire, England I7388
29 Southill, Anne or Thomasine  Yorkshire, England I4284
30 Wentworth, John  1370Yorkshire, England I1149


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 de Greinville, Gilbert  1295Yorkshire, England I2698
2 de La Pole, William  Dec 1328Yorkshire, England I1055
3 De Ros, Lucy  1362Yorkshire, England I715
4 de Segrave, Elizabeth  1368Yorkshire, England I2000
5 De Vaux, Maud  15 Jun 1301Yorkshire, England I2596
6 Debirkin, John  1227Yorkshire, England I2986
7 Degreinville, Joan  Yorkshire, England I2087
8 Destaveley, Adam  1225Yorkshire, England I991
9 Fitz Henry, Henry  24 Sep 1352Yorkshire, England I4850
10 Fitzakaris, Hervey  1182Yorkshire, England I7003
11 Fitzhenry, Hugh  04 Mar 1304Yorkshire, England I3531
12 Fitzhenry(Ravensworth), Randolph  13 Jan 1242Yorkshire, England I5895
13 Fitzhugh, Eustache  1310Yorkshire, England I1991
14 Fitzralph, Robert  1317Yorkshire, England I6712
15 Fitzwilliam, Richard  22 Sep 1478Yorkshire, England I939
16 Frognall, Alice  Yorkshire, England I45
17 Gascoigne, Sir William of Gawthorpe  04 Mar 1486Yorkshire, England I5283
18 Gascoigne, Sir William of Gawthorpe  20 Oct 1551Yorkshire, England I5714
19 Hilton, William Sir  09 Sep 1536Yorkshire, England I4132
20 Hopton, Thomas Sir  1445Yorkshire, England I3918
21 Mowbray, Christiana  1362Yorkshire, England I3859
22 Mowbray, John de 2nd Baron  23 Mar 1321Yorkshire, England I882
23 Musgrave, Thomas Knight  Abt 1384Yorkshire, England I2909
24 Plumpton, Robert Sir  1325Yorkshire, England I1445
25 Plumpton, Sir William De  1362Yorkshire, England I2395


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 De Braose / De Ros  1271Yorkshire, England F1499
2 Plantagenet / Neville  18 Oct 1424Yorkshire, England F1815